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My name is Diego Ezpeleta and I am a sound engineer and music producer.


I work on audio recording, mixing and mastering for different types of ensembles, ranging from classical to modern productions in jazz, blues, rock, electronic and experimental music, for studio or live environments.

As sound designer and sound mixer my work also features documentary films and multimedia productions, where I combine the use of field recordings, acoustic instruments, electronic sounds and original compositions to support stories and narratives.

I have collaborated with artists and organizations and from places such as Estonia, Netherlands, France, Greece, Belgium, UK, USA and Costa Rica.

My aim is to use sound and music to create, develop and support stories with soul and purpose.

Featured Projects

Selected Credits

  • Recording, mix & master for 'Reconstrucción LP' by ECO. San José, CR. 2023

  • Live sound & engineering for 'Chant Festival' at Blue Spirit. Nosara, CR. 2023

  • Live sound & engineering for 'Gayatri Festival' with Deva Premal & Miten at Blue Spirit. Nosara, CR 2022

  • Sound design, recording & mix for 'When the Forest Remembers Us' - Short Documentary by Wimblu. CR. 2022

  • Sound design & edit for 'Prime Orbit' - Feature film by Gustavo Cosenza. Costa Rica. 2022

  • Sound design & edit for 'Morgan y los Super Bichillos' - Feature film by Atomica Films. Costa Rica. 2022

  • Recording, mix & master for 'Andrés Cordero y Mirar Las Flores' Live Session. San José, CR. 2022

  • Live sound & engineering for 'Chant Festival' at Blue Spirit. CR 2021

  • Live sound & engineering for 'Long Beach Records Festival' San José. CR. 2021

  • Recording & master for 'Killer Diller @ El Tigre Disco Club' Live Session. San José, CR. 2021

  • Sound mix & sound design for 'Aken Igavikku' - Documentary film by SUI OÜ. Tallin, Estonia. 2021

  • 5.1 Sound Mix for 'Why is the sky dark at night?' - Documentary film by Kelzang Dorjee. Bhutan. 2021.

  • Production, sound recording, sound design and sound mix for 'Tierra Mágica'- Short documentary by Alessandra Baltodano and funded by the Costa Rican Film Center, 2021.

  • Sound design & music composition for 'Wedding Officiant' - Creative documentary by Alamo Pictures, 2020.

         ***Selected for Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) 2020.

         ***Selected for ‘Oslo Film Festival’ 2020 and nominated for best documentary.

         ***Selected for ‘Short.Sweet.Fiilm Fest’ 2021, Cleveland, USA.

  • Sound edit and mix for 'Heart Time' - Short documentary directed by Hõbe Ilus and produced by Union Docs.
      ***Selected for Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) 2020.

  • Engineer and mixer for ‘Creepin’ Johnson Band’ recording. Abbey Road Institute Studio. Amsterdam,  2019.

  • Studio Assistant at Galaxy Studios for orchestral recording projects:
    • Daens Musical recording. Director: Dirk Brosse - Galaxy Orkest
    • Twin Twinkler recording. Composer: Stian Westerhus-Philharmonie Zuidnederland Orkest 

    • Arabian Gulf Cup Doha 2019 Theme. Orch. Youki Yamamoto- Galaxy Orkest 

    • The Smurfs Theme Park Shanghai-Composer: Rene Merkelbach-Galaxy Orkest

    • Korean Film scorings: Under the Light, The Man Standing Next and The Closet. Music Director: Younwuk Cho - Galaxy Orkest

  • Assistant to in-house engineer Dirk Overeem at Black Mail Show live recording and mixing. Metropole Academy Orchestra. Amsterdam, 2019.

  • Studio producer and recording engineer for ‘Manon Nijenhuis Jazz Quintet’. Abbey Road Institute Studio. Amsterdam, 2019.

  • Assistant to studio producer Anthony Maes at live recording. Abbey Road Institute Studio. Amsterdam, 2019

  • Studio Engineer for ‘Leeches’ band recording. Rockfield Studios. Wales, UK, 2019

  • Technical sound and lights installation for I Land Sound Festival. Saarema, Estonia, 2018

  • Stage assistant at Galaxy Studios during final sound mix of the film ‘Dreamland’ by Nicholas Jarecki.

  • Sound edit and music composition for 'Born from Coffee' - Independent micro-documentary by Wimblu-2017

  • Music composition for 'Feet on the Ground' - Multimedia documentary by Alessandra Baltodano. 2011

Artist List

Deva Premal & Miten (DE, GB)
Krishna Das (US)
Estas Tonne (UKR)
Crippy Johnson (NL)

Hektor Koa (ES)
Andreś Cordero (CR)
Kaiser Moon (CR)
Camelolloide (CR)
Selvas (CR)
Dekonstructor (CR)
Ashes to Redemption (CR)
Sintagma (CR)
Non Neutral (CR)
Killer Diller (CR)
Hamapple (US)
Cabeza de Vinil (CR)
11:11 (CR)
Vero Luna (CR)

Fidel Nadal (AR)

Laguna Pai (PE)

Metropole Orkest (NL)

Galaxy Studios Orkest (BE)

Client List

Long Beach Records LATAM (CR)

Wimblu Media (CR)

A Tropics Company (CR)


Blue Spirit (CR)

Tiger Kiss Design (CR)

FemmeQ (DE)

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